Monday, April 24, 2017


The School of Ministry (SOM) will begin the fall semester of 2017 with the spring semester beginning January of 2018. Trinity Southwest University is excited to offer the 2017/2018 School of Ministry, which includes a dynamic combination of academic studies and live ministry involvement. Contact Glenda in the TSU office for detailed information: or call 505-332-4253.

Trinity Southwest University is excited to offer the School of Ministry (SOM) for the 2017/2018 school year. This is a dynamic combination of hands-on ministry experience and quality academics that will provide a strong foundation to enhance both your personal life and ministry. And the fellowship will be fantastic, too!

Earning your 2017/2018 School of Ministry diploma has two distinct parts:

First, over the two semesters you’ll complete a course of study that includes theology, Old Testament Introduction, New Testament Introduction, Christian apologetics, biblical hermeneutics (interpretation), biblical exegesis, church history, and biblical archaeology. These courses are taught by Trinity Southwest University professors who hold doctorates in their subject areas. You’ll also enjoy the teaching of visiting instructors who specialize in a range of biblically-related fields.

Second, you’ll participate in the Ministry Involvement Practicum through your home church. For the duration of two semesters, this includes Wednesday pre-service and post-service plus weekend pre-service and post-service responsibilities, small group participation, ministry involvement participation, and weekend service notes. The ministry practicum is applied to your TSU course of study as modular credits, which means you’ll be completing some of your academic course requirements via your ministry experience through your home church.

This dynamic combination of academic instruction and ministry participation allows you the practicality of “doing what you study and studying what you do.” And it’s all accomplished within a supportive Faith community of like-minded people who share the journey with you!

You can register today by contacting Glenda Austin in the TSU office at 505-332-4253 or by email at She will guide you through the enrollment process.