Friday, August 17, 2018


Trinity Southwest University is governed by its Academic Committee (AC) which also serves as its Board of Regents. The Academic Committee of the University is responsible for establishing and enforcing the general policies and procedures by which the school operates. The Academic Committee is comprised of the Executive Dean, Dean of Academics & Curricula, Dean of Students, and the Registrar. TSU is a ministry division of Christian Educational Ministries, Inc., incorporated in the State of New Mexico as a non-profit, tax-exempt, federally-approved 501(c)(3) religious and educational organization.


The academic operation of the University is overseen by the following administrators:

Dr. Steven Collins, Executive Dean (member, AC)
Dr. Richard Encinias, Dean of Students (member, AC)
Dr. Phillip Silvia, Dean of Academics & Curricula (member, AC)
Dr. Matthew Valerio-Hirschfeld, Dean of Faculty & Instruction (member, AC)
Ms. Glenda Austin, Registrar (member, AC)
Dr. Anne Davis, Dean of Educational Advancement


The TSU Colleges are headed by the following Deans:

Dr. Matthew Valerio-Hirschfeld, Dean, College of Biblical & Theological Studies
Dr. Steven Collins, Dean, College of Archaeology & Biblical History
Dr. Richard Encinias, Dean, College of Biblical Counseling
Dr. Latayne C. Scott, Dean, College of Biblical Representational Research
Dr. Peter Briggs, Dean, College of Biblical Theology & Leadership Development
Dr. Phillip Silvia, Dean, College of University Studies