Tuesday, April 24, 2018

David E. Graves, PhD, Vis. Prof. of Archaeology

Vis. Prof., College of Archaeology & Biblical History


1976, Bible Diploma; Theology; Atlantic Baptist College.
1980, B.Th.; Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Church History; Ontario Bible College.
1980, Certificate; Evangelical Teaching Association.
2004, Studies onsite in Turkey; Ancient Cities & Civilizations of Western Turkey: Myth Cult and History and The Art and Architecture of Asia Minor: Hellenistic, Roman and Early Christian; University of New Brunswick.
2005, Certificate; Ground Penetrating Radar training in SIR-3000
(GPR) for archaeological application; Geophysical Survey Systems Inc.
2006, Certificate; Archaeological Square Supervisor Training; Trinity Southwest University Field School, Jordan.
2008, Ph.D.; NT Theology; University of Aberdeen, and Highland Theological College.

Current Career Avenues:

Director of Computer Services and Information Security Officer, Crandall University, since 1996.
Part time Religious Studies Faculty, Crandall University, since 1997.
Adjunct NT Professor, School of Religion Online, Liberty University, since 2009.
President, Electronic Christian Media, Since 1995.
Field Archaeologist, Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project, Jordan, since 2005.
Continuing research in the archaeology and history of the southern Levant.

Current & Recent Scholarly Pursuits & Memberships:

Certified Supervisor, Temple Mount Antiquities Salvage Operation, Jerusalem, Israel, Dec 24-26, 2009.
Member of the Steering Committee for Revelation Study Group, Evangelical Theological Society, since 2009.
Professional Associate, Associates for Biblical Research, since 2009.
Professional Member, Canadian Archaeology Association, since 2009.
Professional Member, Palestine Exploration Fund, since 2009.
Board of directors and treasurer, Near Eastern Archaeological Society, since 2005; 2009.
Professional Member, Council for British Research in the Levant, since 2008.
Professional Member, Evangelical Theological Society, since 2005.
Field Archaeologist, Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project, Jordan, since 2005.
Director of Operations for the Mount Ararat Archaeological Research Expedition, ArcImaging, Archaeological Imaging Research Consortium, since 2005.

Books & Research Projects:

2009 The Seven Messages of Revelation and Vassal Treaties: Literary Genre, Structure, and Function. (Gorgias Dissertations, Biblical Studies 41: Gorgias Press)
2004 The Biblical Scroll, Interactive Study Bible, CD ROM Software (Software Solutions for Home and Office, An eGames, Inc. Brand: Longhorne, PA)
2001 Biblical Themes–Adult Learners Guide. (Crandall University)

Recent Articles, Papers, & Lectures:

2010 “Jesus Speaks to Seven of His Churches, Part 2.” Bible and Spade 23.3: Forthcoming.
2010 “Jesus Speaks to Seven of His Churches, Part 1.” Bible and Spade 23.2: 46–56.
2010 “Re-Examination of the Location for the Ancient City of Livias.” Co-authored with Scott Stripling. Levant: Forthcoming.
2009 Collins, Steven, Khalil Hamdan, Gary A. Byers, Jehad Haroun, Hussein Aljarrah, Michael C. Luddeni, David E. Graves, Steve McAllister, Qutaiba Dasouqi, and Adeib abu-Shmais. The Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project Season Activity Report Season Four: 2009. Excavation, Exploration, and Survey. Filed with the Department of Antiquities of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, 27 February.
2009 “The influence of the ancient Near Eastern vassal treaties on the messages to the seven Churches in Asia Minor and its implications for John’s prophetic office.” Research paper at Evangelical Theological Society, Asia Minor Group. New Orleans, LA, Nov 18.
2009 “Livias: A case of mistaken identity.” Research paper at Near East Archaeological Society. New Orleans, LA, Nov 18.
2009 Review of David Amit, Joseph Patrich, and Yizhar Hirschfeld (eds.), The Aqueducts of Israel. Journal of Roman Archaeology: Supplementary Series Number 46, General Editors John Humphrey, Shari Satran, Translator Shari Satran, Portsmouth RI: Journal of Roman Archaeology, 2002. Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin 54: 33-34.
2008 “Tall el-Hammâm Aqueduct.” Atlas of Roman Aqueducts. Edited by Cees Passchier, Driek van Opstal, Wilke Schram. University of Mainz, Germany: Atlas Project of Roman Aqueducts
2008 “The Graeco-Roman Context of the Messages to the Seven Churches in Revelation.” Plenary speaker for the Fall Seminar, Haddington House, Charlottetown, PEI, Nov 14-15.
2007 Review of Richard S. Ascough. ed. Religious Rivalries and the Struggle for Success in Sardis and Smyrna. Studies in Christianity and Judaism 14. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2005. Themelios 32.3: 78–79.
2007 “Identification of Tall el-Hammâm on the Madaba Map.” co-authored with Scott Stripling. Bible and Spade 20.2: 35–45.
2007 “Locating Tall el-Hammâm on the Madaba Map.” co-authored with Scott Stripling. Biblical Research Bulletin 7.6 (2007): 1–11.
2007 “Local References in the Letter to Smyrna (Rv 2: 8–11), Part 4: Religious Background.” Bible and Spade 19.3 (Summer 2007): 88–96.
2007 “Identification of Tall el-Hammâm on the Madaba map.” Invited to present this research paper at Near East Archaeological Society San Diego, California, Nov 14.
2006 “Local References in the Letter to Smyrna (Rv 2: 8–11), Part 3: Jewish Background.” Bible and Spade 19.2 (Spring 2006): 41–47.
2006 “Local References in the Letter to Smyrna (Rv 2: 8–11), Part 2: Historical Background.” Bible and Spade 19.1 (Winter 2006): 23–31.
2005 “Local References in the Letter to Smyrna (Rv 2: 8–11), Part 1: Archaeological Background.” Bible and Spade 18.4 (Fall 2005): 114–23.
2005 Editorial on Mount Ararat Expedition. Artifax 20.4: 1.


2008 “Mount Ararat Archaeological Survey: Great Ararat from the Southwest Ararat Plain. Cevat Bazaran, Vedat Keles, Rex Geissler.” Bible and Spade 21.3: 72
2007 “Allie Kobs, Dig volunteer.” Bible and Spade 20.3: Front cover
2007 “Second-century AD temple of Trajan in Pergamum.” Bible and Spade, 19.3: Front cover
2006 “100 photographs”. The Trowel and the Truth, Scott Stripling. Vision International
2002 Licensed 900 images for faculty course development, Sky Media Ltd.
1999 Licensed 900 images for faculty course development, Christian University Global Net (CUGN)


Dr. David E. Graves not only excels in technology as the Director of Computer Services at Crandall University, but also has been researching and lecturing in the field of biblical studies for more than 30 years. His background in technology, biblical studies, photography, fire restoration, and software development, combined with his extensive travels in the Middle East, uniquely qualifies him as a field archaeologist and one of the few Canadian Christian archaeologists. He lectures frequently in churches and has appeared on national television and radio programs. He teaches NT theology, Bible survey and archaeology part time for two other universities. He has taught a popular archaeology course overseas in the Crandall-Oxford programme in Oxford, England and has provided guided tours of the Ashmolean and British Museums. He has worked on several archaeology sites, and is a member of the ArcImaging team as the Director of Operation for the Mount Ararat Archaeological Research Expedition in search of Noah’s Ark in Turkey. He is the author of a number of articles on the Book of Revelation and his archaeological research in connection with the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project, Jordan.