Tuesday, April 24, 2018

David Maltsberger, PhD, Vis. Prof. of Archaeology

Vis. Prof., College of Archaeology & Biblical History


1981, B.A.; Christian Ministries; East Texas Baptist College.
1987, M.Div.; Biblical Studies, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
1989, Iron Age Levant; The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Mount Scopus, Israel.
1991, Ph.D.; Biblical Backgrounds & Archaeology; Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.
2008, Post-Doctoral Studies; Higher Education Administration; Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Current Career Avenues:

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies & Archaeology, Baptist University of the Americas, since 2001.
Continued research in agricultural and demographic models for understanding the Late Bronze and Iron Age urban rural nexus across the Levant.

Current & Recent Scholarly Pursuits & Memberships:

Professional Member, Israel Exploration Society.
Professional Member, American Schools of Oriental Research.
Professional Member, Society of Biblical Literature.
Professional Member, American Association of University Professors.
Professional Member, Association for Institutional Research.
Field Archaeologist, Tall el-Hamman Excavation Project, Jordan, 2008, 2010/2011.
Field Staff Assistant Supervisor, Tel Beth She’an Excavations, Israel, 1993.
Excavation Staff Supervisor, Tel Batash/Timnah Excavations, Israel. 1984-1990.

Books & Research Projects:

1990 Mercer Dictionary of the Bible, “ The Tabernacle.” (Mercer University Press).
1991 The Holman Bible Dictionary, seventeen entries. (Holman Publishing).
2000 Eerdmans’ Dictionary of the Bible, twenty-five entries. (Eerdmans Publishing).
2001 Diccionario Bíblico Conciso Holman, fifteen entries. (Holman Publishing).
2003 The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary, sixteen entries. (Holman Publishing).
Arqueología Bíblica (forthcoming).

Recent Articles, Papers, & Lectures:

1992-95 Editor. Field Notes: The Newsletter of Archaeology in Israel and the Near East.
1992 “Hebron.” Biblical Illustrator (Summer):41-49.
1998 “Of Yokes and Burdens.” Biblical Illustrator (Summer):60-62.
1997 “Where is Mount Moriah?” Biblical Illustrator (Fall):77-80.
1996 “Egypt’s Many Gods.” Biblical Illustrator (Fall):17-20.
1995 “Assyrian Methods of Execution.” Biblical Illustrator (Summer):31-34.
1994 “Finding Mount Horeb.” Biblical Illustrator (Spring):73-76.
2004 “Modern Marvels: Bible Tech.” Interview on The History Channel.
2004 “‘The Whole Assembly Agreed’: Who Decides What Really Happened in 10th Century Israel?”; “‘Building Mighty Men from Ne’er-Do-Wells’: Will The Real 10th Century Please Stand Up?”; “Where God Was Worshiped: Dirty Little Secrets of the United Monarchy.” Papers presented at the International Symposium on Archaeology and the Bible.
2005 “Urban Life in Biblical Canaan: Cities Overflowing with Prosperity”; “Hill and Plain, Village and Territory: Rural Lifestyles in the Biblical Period”; “‘A Wandering Aramean Was My Father’: Life on the Frontier Fringe of Canaan”; “Burial Practices in the Levant: Sleeping with the Fathers.” Papers presented at International Symposium on Archaeology and the Bible.
2006 “The B’nai Hanan: Reconstructing Iron Age Regional Commerce in the Sorek and Aijalon Valleys from Artifactual and Textual Evidence.” Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research, Washington, DC.
2008 “Filthy Lucre: Origins of Money and the Current Economic Debacle,” and a three lecture series: “Israel and Canaan during the Iron Age.” Lecture presented at the Woodland Museum of Biblical Archaeology.
2009 “A Proven Practitioner’s Model for Implementing Institution-Wide Assessment.” Paper presented at the Association for Biblical Higher Education Convention.


In his position since 2001 as Associate Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at the Baptist University of the Americas, Dr. Maltsberger lectures and travels across Latin America, Europe, and the Near East. He has made it his mission to bring the exciting finds of the archaeological world of the ancient Near East to the wider general audience through his writing, public lectures, and radio and television appearances.