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Dr. John G. Leslie

Dr. John G. Leslie

Fellow, College of Archaeology & Biblical History



1972, B.S.; American University.
1980, Ph.D.; Experimental Pathology; University of Utah.
1980-1981, Post-doctoral Research; University of Utah.
1981-1985, Post-doctoral Research; Monash University, Australia.
1985-1989, M.D.; Oral Roberts University Medical School.
1989, Internal Medicine Residency; Oral Roberts University Medical School.
1989-1993, Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency; University of Oklahoma, Tulsa.
1991-1993, Research on isolation of cellular DNA from Adenocarcinoma; Children’s Medical Center, Tulsa.
2007, M.A. Archaeology and Biblical History; Trinity Southwest University.
2010, Ph.D.; Archaeology and Biblical History; Trinity Southwest University.

Current Career Avenues:

Rural community Physician, since 1993, providing healthcare to underserved people groups.
Teacher of the authenticity of biblical history as related to archeology, Noah’s Flood, and the creation-evolution debate, ongoing.
Fellow, Trinity Southwest University, since 2004.

Current & Recent Scholarly Pursuits & Memberships:

Member, American Medical Association.
Member, American College of Physicians.
Member, American Academy of Pediatrics.
Member, Christian Dental and Medical Society.
Member, Creation Research Society.
Member, National Right to Life.
Pro-Life Victoria; President of the Bayside Branch, 1985.
Member, Western Connective Tissue Society.
Staff Member, Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project, 2007, 2010/2011.

Books & Research Projects:

1980 “Studies on the Structure and Metabolism of Elastin and Collagen.”
A dissertation presented to the Department of Pathology and the Graduate School of the University of Utah in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Ph.D. degree.
1987 Report on the Isolation of Rat Liver Mitochondrial DNA, conducted under the supervision of Dr. Durwood Ray.
1991-1993 Data submitted on the Isolation of Cellular DNA from Adenocarcinoma of the Colon and Identification of Point Mutations in the RAS Oncogene Using the PCR Technique, conducted under the supervision of Dr. Fred Schaeffer.
1991 Issues in Creation Philosophy (A Compilation of Articles); self-published.
2000 Defending the Faith in the Last Days (A Transforming Christian Worldview of Religion, Philosophy, and Science); self-published.
2002 Ethical Reports (A Compilation of Articles); self-published.
2003 Astronauts and Others in the Space Program Who Believe in God; self-published.
2003 The Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest (Evidence for a Catastrophe); self-published.
2005 Viewing God’s Creation in the Southwest (A Photographic Survey); self-published.
2010 doctoral dissertation: “Evaluation of the Noah Flood Account as a True Narrative Representation” for Trinity Southwest University.

Recent Articles, Papers, & Lectures (Selected Secular and Religious):

1980 “Structural Studies of Porcine Aortic Tropoelastin.” Co-author with L.B. Sandberg, C.T. Leach, and R.A. Torres, and V.L. Alvarez. Front. Matrix Biol.; ed. R.L. Basel and S. Karger; vol. 8:69-77.
1981 “Elastin Structure, Biosynthesis and Relation to Disease States.” Co-author with L.B. Sandberg and N.T. Soskel. N. Engl. J. Med., 302:566-579.
1981 “In Vitro Studies of Elastin Metabolism.” Co-author with L.B. Sandberg and B.W. Oakes. Connective Tissue Res.; 8:219-225.
1982 “Keynote Address: Mechanisms of Connective Tissue Rehabilitation.” Co-author with B.W. Oakes and J. Jacobsen. In the Proceedings of International Sports Medicine Conference, Surfers Paradise, Queensland.
1982 “Use of the ‘ELISA’ for Detection of Soluble Elastin and Collagen.” Co-author with B.W. Oakes, L.B. Sandberg, and C.J. Handley. Connect. Tissue., 9: 210.
1983 “Elastin and Collagen Biosynthesis by Primary Cultures of Rat Aortic, Pulmonary and Myocardial Cells.” Co‑author with B.W. Oakes, R.H. Waller, and C.J. Handley. Connect. Tissue Res., 11:233.
1983 “Response of Multilayers of Chondrocytes and Smooth Cells Grown in vitro to Cyclical Mechanical Loading.” Co-author with B.W. Oakes, M. deWitt, G.J. Handley, and D.A. Lowther. Connective Tissue Res., 11:346-347.
1984 “A Christian View on the Embryo Debate.” New Life Newspaper, 47:10, Melbourne.
1984 “Mutation and Design in the Genome.” Ex Nihilo, 6:38-45.
1984 “The Ethics of in vitro Fertilization.” Technical Edition of Ex Nihilo, 1:161-166.
1984 “Why Creation Science?” New Life Newspaper, 46:10, Melbourne.
1985 “Ethical Questions Relating to in vitro Fertilization and the Status of the Embryo.” In The Bible and Science, ed. J. Harvey and C.K. Pallaghy (Acacia Press, Melbourne).
1986 “Mutation and Design in Cell Metabolism.” Technical Edition of Ex Nihilo, 2:17-52.
1986 “Quantitation of Elastin through Measurement of its Pentapeptide Content.” Co‑author with L.B. Sandberg, T. B. Wolt. BBRC,136: 672-678.
1986 “The Religious Nature of Evolution and Its Attack on Christianity.” Co-author with C.K. Pallaghy. Ex Nihilo, 3:59-64.
1988 “The Hindrance of Evolutionary Terminology to the Teaching of Science.” Technical Edition of Ex Nihilo, 3:59-64.
1994 “Reader Opposes Elder’s Stand on Legalized Drugs.” The Gallup Independent (December 23).
1995 “Homosexuality is a ‘Treatable’ Gender-role Disorder.” American Academy of Pediatrics News (May).
1996 “Abortion (A Pro-life Position).” The Gallup Independent (November 4).
1999 “Self-centered Ethics.” The Gallup Independent (January 27).
2004 “Abstinence, Not Condoms is the Best Solution.” The Gallup Independent (May 15).
2008 “A Reply #240 Regarding the Location of Tall el-Hammam.” Biblical Archeology Society online (May 3).
2009 “Elastin Covalent Structure as Determined by Solid Phase Sequencing.” Co-author with L.B. Sandberg, C.T. Leach, V.L. Alvarez, A.R. Torres, and D.W. Smith. Path. Biol., 33: 266-271.


As a committed Christian, Dr. John Leslie believes in the Creator God who made man perfect, but that initial man subsequently fell into sin, which has affected all mankind since, and that Jesus Christ—God come in the flesh, part of the triune Godhead—died on the cross to pay the price for human sin. It is Dr. Leslie’s desire to proclaim God’s truth, the Bible, to any who will listen.