Friday, August 17, 2018

Non-Degree Study

Within and outside of our degree curricula, Trinity Southwest University offers a range of additional learning programs that allow students and non-students to strengthen their current education.


Through TSU’s Advanced Christian Training (ACT) program, you can enjoy course lectures for your personal learning pleasure (not for credit). (Taking a course lecture/seminar through the ACT program is similar to “auditing,” except that TSU does not provide a transcript record of your participation.) The cost of taking a course lecture/seminar through the ACT program is only $95.


TSU courses can be taken to fulfill a variety of continuing education needs (contact your employing institution or organization for approval). TSU is approved by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) as a provider of continuing education credits in Biblical Studies, Theology and Apologetics. The cost is $50 per CEU credit.


TSU non-degree certificate programs are often the answer for those who do not want to pursue a degree, but who still want to experience learning in an academic context. You can earn a certificate from any of TSU’s six colleges by completing the Foundational Learning Modules and one additional module (see course syllabi) for seven courses. The cost of a certificate program is $150 per course.