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Seek a deepened and enriched discipleship study


The objectives of the ICAT fall into two categories: personal development objectives in terms of deepened and enriched discipleship; and ministry objectives in terms of increased competence and effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission and advancing the kingdom of God in the US, Africa, and beyond. Following is the joint statement of the students:

Personal development objectives. We are seeking for a deepened and enriched discipleship study in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, whom we seek to know and emulate in all aspects of life.

Ministry objectives. We endeavor to increase our competence and effectiveness in the advancement of the kingdom of God and fulfillment of the Great Commission—that is, discipleship and disciple-making—beginning in Kenya, extending throughout Africa, and thence to the ends of the earth. In particular, we are eager to address ourselves to the development of course materials that are biblically sound and theologically relevant for use as study resources for pastors, church leaders, and ministry workers who would otherwise have little if any access to theological education.

The set of 12 courses described below share the following distinctive features: a high degree of cohesiveness throughout the entire program of study; an emphasis on the storyline of the Bible as a framework for interpretation; an emphasis on representational theology—that is, a way of perceiving persons, events, circumstances, and things through the lens of Scripture and according to the mind and heart of Christ; and an emphasis on the Christian gospel in all its richness and fullness.


Degree Programs

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Master of Arts



48 Total Semester Credit Hours (SCH)

A bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) including 35 SCH general studies (or equivalent)

Two semesters each of OT Hebrew and NT Greek are required

Core Courses

All courses are 3 SCH; all are guided research courses

AT511 Introduction to Christian Theology

AT512 Exegetical Theology: The Science & Art of Biblical Interpretation

AT513 A History of Christian Theology: The Twelve Great Debates

AT514 Torah: The Fountainhead of Wisdom

AT515 Former Prophets: The Application of Wisdom—Part One

AT516 Latter Prophets: The Application of Wisdom—Part Two

AT517 Writings: The Expression of Wisdom

AT518 Gospels & Acts: The Narrative of Christianity

AT519 Pauline Epistles: The Teachings of Christianity—Part One

AT900 General Epistles: The Teachings of Christianity—Part Two

AT901 Johannine Literature: The Revelation of the Son of God

AT901 Toward an Integrative Theology in Community and In Culture

Elective Courses

Courses may also be selected from other TSU Colleges.

Doctor of Philosophy or Ministry




45 Total Semester Credit Hours (SCH)


A relevant master’s degree or equivalent


A good working knowledge of both biblical Hebrew and Greek as demonstrated by course work and/or personal evaluation may be required, depending on the area of concentration.


Section 1

15 SCH:

Doctoral Reading & Research in major focus area (as assigned by Academic Advisor in consultation with the Dean)

Section 2

15 SCH:

Doctoral Seminars in major focus area (as assigned by Academic Advisor in consultation with the Dean)


Section 3

15 SCH:

TH985 Dissertation/Project: Writing, Defense, & Publication


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