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Trinity Southwest University believes that excellence in written communication elevates the mind, promotes understanding of both simple and complex concepts, edifies the Church, and provides creditable Christian witness to the unbelieving world. To those aims, the TSU College of Professional & Creative Writing offers training and discipline in style, genre, and publication.

College of Professional & Creative Writing Fact Sheet


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certificate or Program Emphasis


15 Total Semester Credit Hours (SCH)

Core Courses

All courses are 3 SCH;

Course 1 is a prerequisite for all others; Course 1 and at least one other course are prerequisites for Course 5.)

WR521 Introduction to Writing (3 SCH) (Course 1)

WR531 Writing the Memoir or Personal Experience (3 SCH) (Course 2)

WR541 Writing Non-Fiction (3 SCH) (Course 3)

WR551 Writing Fiction (3 SCH) (Course 4)

WR561 Marketing Your Writing (3 SCH) (Course 5)

This course of study may be taken for a Certificate, for which the student must complete all courses with a grade of C or better. It can also be added to another degree program as a program emphasis (similar to a minor).

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