College of
Sacred Arts



appreciate the christian influence on the arts


The TSU College of Sacred Arts awards a diploma and the MA degree. The curriculum can also be used as an undergraduate major (see Catalog Fact Sheet #6a-b). The College offers a rich variety of courses, supported by faculty members who are qualified in and dedicated to their teaching disciplines. The goal of the College of Sacred Arts is to provide students with an appreciation of the Christian influence on the various dimensions of the arts, and to provide a biblical foundation for pursuing the arts as a career or for personal enrichment.


Degree Programs

College of Sacred Arts Fact Sheet




15 Total Semester Credit Hours (SCH)

Major Courses: Select five of the courses listed below, to be approved by the Dean.

Master of Arts




48 Total Semester Credit Hours (SCH) (including relevant transfer and portfolio credit)


A bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) including 35 SCH general studies (or equivalent)

Major Courses

All courses are 3 SCH

SA511 Biblical Foundations of the Sacred Arts

SA512 History of Art in the Christian World I

SA514 History of Art in the Christian World II

SA515 Theology of Sacred Arts

SA516 History of Church Architecture

SA517 Sacred Arts & Archaeology

SA518 King David: Musician & Poet

SA519 Introduction to Sacred Music


Elective Courses

Courses are 3 SCH; courses may be selected from other TSU Colleges.

SA900 Independent Study

SA901 Independent Study

The courses above may also be used as an emphasis inside another degree program; must be approved by the Dean.



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