Faculty & Administration

Trinity Southwest University is governed by an Academic Committee that also serves as its Board of Regents. The Academic Committee (AC) of the University is responsible for establishing and enforcing the general policies and procedures by which the school operates. The five-member Academic Committee is comprised of the Executive Dean, the Dean of Academics & Curricula, the Dean of Students, the Dean of Faculty and Instruction, and the Dean of Admissions & Enrollment. TSU is a ministry division of Christian Educational Ministries, Inc., incorporated in the State of New Mexico as a non-profit, tax-exempt, federally-approved 501(c)(3) religious and educational organization.

Gary Byers, PhD

Dean of the College of Archaeology & Biblical History

Steven Collins, PhD

Executive Dean

Consulting Research Professor 

Richard Encinias, DMin, PhD(c)

Dean of Students

Dean of the College of Biblical Counseling

Jeannine Bulot, PhD(c)

Dean of the College of Biblical Languages

Craig Olson, PhD

Dean of the College of Biblical Studies

Daniel Galassini, PhD(c)

Dean of the College of Documentary Media

Latayne Scott, PhD

Dean of the College of Professional & Creative Writing

Todd Kelly, PhD(c)

Dean of the College of Sacred Arts

Matthew Valerio-Hirschfeld, DMin, PhD

Dean of Faculty & Instruction

Dean of the College of Theological Studies

Larissa Lusko

Dean of the College of Women’s Studies & Christian Leadership

Phillip Silvia, PhD

Dean of Academics & Curricula

Director of TSU Press

Professor of Archaeology & Biblical History

Glenda Austin, DMin, PhD(c)

Dean of Admissions & Registration

Office Administrator

Stephen Bockemeier, PhD(c)

TSU Librarian

Angela Everett

Director, Financial Resources

Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project

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