Friday, August 17, 2018

Tall el-Hammam Excavation: Unearthing Biblical Sodom


The dates for Season Ten are 24 January 2016 through 25 February 2016.

You may view segment dates, costs, and itineraries at either or You can reserve your spot on the team by paying your $750 participation fee at When you do this, you will be contacted about your personal travel dates, costs, and requirements. Make sure you provide all the contact information requested.

For a detailed presentation of the Tall el-Hammam Excavation Project, including Photo Reviews and official reports, click HERE.

These are the requirements for individuals who wish to participate:

  1. Register and pay your participation fee online at the link provided above. Or you may contact Glenda at TSU: 505-332-4253.
  2. You must be in reasonably good physical condition. This is for your own protection. Working on an archaeological excavation can be physically demanding. While we always try to match dig responsibilities to the physical abilities of individuals, there is always considerable walking over rough terrain.
  3. You must be a team player. People with their own agendas, or who are inclined to “do their own thing” to the exclusion of others, are usually more trouble than they’re worth to the Project. We need people who are courteous, helpful, thoughtful of others, and conscientious about being at the right place at the time with the right stuff.
  4. You must carry your own travel and medical insurance. Many credit cards offer travel medical insurance plans that are comprehensive and inexpensive. Our hotel headquarters does have a resident physician for minor problems, but you must have your own insurance should a major problem arise.
  5. 100% of cancellation fees are generally covered by a travel insurance program provided the premium has been paid and reason for cancellation is insurable. Those who do not procure insurance should be aware of the following cancellation penalties on their down payment: from day of registration  a $250 non-refundable administration is charged. Thereafter, the following charges also apply: 120 or more days prior to departure, 75% refund applies; 50-119 days prior to departure, 50% refund applies; 0-59 days prior to departure there is no refund. Submit cancellation in writing. On or after day of departure, no refund for any service not used.