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For more info on bulk orders call 505-332-4253

How it Works

Trowel Press offers volume discounts for our titles by using a 12-month rolling window of order history to determine the eligible discount for each order. Using Christian Discipleship as an example, the discount schedule for initial orders is as follows:

1-9 copies, full list price ($24.00 per copy)

10-24 copies, 10% off ($21.60 per copy)

25-49 copies, 20% off ($19.20 per copy)

50-99 copies, 35% off ($15.60 per copy)

100+ copies, 50% off ($12.00 per copy)

Discounts are based on the total number of books ordered regardless of title.

Churches receive a 50% off retail discount for all orders of 10 or more books.

Contact Trowel Press directly for bulk orders. (All web orders are retail pricing only.)


For an initial order of 75 copies you would get a 35% discount. If you were to order 25 or more copies within 12 months, the 50% discount would apply to your next order.

We print on demand, so availability is not an issue. All orders are cost plus shipping & tax. All wholesale orders (10 or more copies) must be placed directly with Trowel Press because we maintain your wholesale order history for determining volume discounts.For initial orders we generally expect payment with the order (either by credit card or check). Thereafter, payment via check within 30 days upon receipt of order may be requested.



For more information or to place a bulk order, contact Trowel Press:


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