Tuitions & Fees

Trinity Southwest University works very hard to keep the cost of tuition and fees as affordable as possible. Tuition is charged by the semester credit hour (SCH). Grants toward tuition may be available for qualifying students. It’s our policy to work with individual students to make TSU degree program tuition affordable. Don’t hesitate to talk to us about your personal needs in this regard.

the Application Process

Pre-Application Review

With your Pre-Application you may submit a brief description of such things as the following: diplomas and degrees you have earned, and the total number of SCH of academic work completed; all types of prior academic work; Bible study and religious classes you have attended or taught; educational experiences; travel; study tours; continuing education courses; military service; military training; vocational training; work and/or professional experience; academic testing scores (such as CLEP); volunteer service; writing; research; published works. Your Pre- Application and preliminary “portfolio” will be reviewed, and a degree program will be designed to meet your particular goals. [Remember that all applied transfer credit and portfolio (equivalent) credit remains tentative until documented in the Application process.] The Pre-Application process is not required, but is highly recommended.


Formal Application

The formal application process requires the following: a completed Application; requested documentation such as transcripts and letters of recommendation; a detailed portfolio resume (if applicable) with requested documentation. Your application and supporting documents will be carefully reviewed. You will be notified in writing when a decision is made regarding your application.



Upon the approval of your application, you will enter the registration process, whereby you will select the specific courses for your initial registration. Once the registration document has been approved and signed by you, and tuition payment arrangements have been finalized, you will launch into the rewarding experience of being a TSU student.

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