Bible Land Expeditions

walk in the steps of abraham, Moses, Joshua, King David and Jesus of nazareth.

Bible Land Expeditions are designed to take you inside the pages of Scripture, into the world of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, King David, and Jesus of Nazareth. You’ll learn to see the Land through their eyes, and touch it with their hands.

You’ll walk where they walked, stand where they stood, even sense the clamor of ancient armies as you course over their fields of battle. We’ll teach you how to peel back “the veneer of the modern world” to reveal the Holy Land as it was in biblical times.

Your BLE tour will bring to your study of the Bible a symphony of sights, sounds, tastes, textures and tangible experiences that will raise your understanding of the Bible to a level you’ve never imagined.

If you’re going to make only one trip to the Holy Land, then you should make it a BLE tour. If you’ve been there many times, then come, let us open the Land to you as you’ve never experienced it before.

Bible Land Expedition 2020



Israel & Jordan
5 March – 15 March 2020
(exclusive of to/from travel days)

This is the most amazing 10-day-on-ground itinerary available (not including travel days to-from Amman). Sites listed are principle ones, many others are also included. Availability is limited, so reserve your place today by contacting Glenda Austin at , or by phone at 505-332-4253. This exciting itinerary is unique, and only available through BLE!

Your tour guide and lecturer is renowned archaeologist and Bible scholar Dr. Steven Collins (Dean, College of Archaeology, Trinity Southwest University, and Director of the Tall el-Hammam/Sodom excavation in Jordan). The Bible will come alive as you walk in the footsteps of Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Solomon, Elijah, John the Baptizer, and Jesus!

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$3,995 (airfare not included)              Deposit must be made by 1 July 2019

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For this tour: 100% of cancellation fees are usually covered by travel insurance, provided the premium has been paid and reason for cancellation is insurable. Those who do not purchase travel insurance should be aware of the following cancellation penalties relative to the down payment and funds collected by BLE toward the tour: from the day of registration a $250 non-refundable administration fee applies. Excluding the $250.00 administration fee: for cancellation 90 or more days prior to scheduled arrival 75% of the amount paid is refundable; for cancellation 60-89 days prior to scheduled arrival 50% of the amount paid is refundable; for cancellation 30-59 days prior to scheduled arrival 25% of the amount paid is refundable; for cancellation 0-29 days prior to scheduled arrival there is no refund. If the tour is cancelled by BLE for any reason, 100% of the amount paid is refundable, less the $250 non-refundable administrative fee.

Bringing a symphony of sights, sounds, tastes and textures to your study of the Bible

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