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Biblical Languages



Learn and live the language of the Bible

The TSU College of Biblical Languages awards the MA degree, and the major courses can also be used as an emphasis inside another degree program. Committed to the divine inspiration and authority of the Bible, the College offers a range of biblically-relevant language courses, supported by faculty members who are qualified in and dedicated to their teaching discipline. Members of the College’s faculty routinely participate in lectures, seminars, and symposia held at the TSU campus in Albuquerque and other venues.


Degree Programs

College of Biblical Languages Fact Sheet

Master of Arts



48 Total Semester Credit Hours (SCH) (including relevant transfer and portfolio credit)

A Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) including 35 SCH general studies (or equivalent)


Core Courses

All courses are 3 SCH except where indicated

BL511 OT Hebrew Grammar & Syntax I (6)

BL513 NT Greek Grammar & Syntax I (6)

BL514 NT Greek Grammar & Syntax II

BL515 Aramaic Grammar & Syntax

BL516 Septuagint (LXX)

BL517 Ugaritic Grammar & Syntax

BL518 OT Hebrew Reading: Jonah

BL519 NT Greek Reading: Colossians

BL520 Literary Structure in Antiquity

BL607 History of the Semitic Alphabet

BL609 Akkadian Grammar & Syntax

Pick three of the following:

BL601 OT Hebrew Reading: Covenants

BL602 OT Hebrew Reading: Ruth

BL604 NT Greek Reading: John

BL605 NT Greek Reading: Hebrews

BL606 Cuneiform Writing Systems

BL608 Classical Syriac

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