Thursday, July 31, 2014

TSU Current News, Events & Announcements

Season Nine at TeHEP

The ninth season of TSU’s Tall el-Hammam/Sodom Excavation Project in Jordan is now in progress. TeHEP is the cutting edge of biblical archaeology at its most exciting! Keep up-to-date with what is happening on the dig with our daily Updates. It is easy to do – just sign up to be added to our mailing list. This can be done through our... 

Lecture Schedule Update

The Spring Session of lectures has been finalized and is posted. Great things are being offered - so check it out and get signed up! If you are not a registered student with TSU – you can still take advantage of our lectures by signing up to audit them. For more information, please contact the TSU Administrative Offices for more information.... 

Our Emails Have Changed!

Our server has died and along with it – our old emails.  You may contact us on our new emails below: TSU Administrative Offices/Glenda Austin – Dr. Steven Collins – Dr. Richard Encinias – Dr. Matthew Valerio-Hirschfeld –  


We are in the process of preparing the lecture schedule for the coming series. If you are in need of any classes – or would like to attend a lecture – let us know so we can work it into the schedule.  Contact Glenda in the Administrative Office at 505-332-4253 or email her at