Modular Coursework

Our unique modular structure enables TSU students to accelerate through their degree programs, not outside the routines of their established lives, ministries and professional responsibilities, but within the context of, and by means of, those routines.

Each course includes numerous modules, depending on the number of its semester credit hours. A course of 3 SCH consists of six modules, which typically are focused as follows:


Example Course: TH611 Church History: First Century to 1500

Module 1 - Reading & Research
A required foundational module covering principal and supplementary material for reading and research.
Module 2 - Assessment of Guided Learning (AGL)
A second required foundational module listing essay instructions and questions that both guide your reading and learning experiences, and allowing TSU faculty to assess your comprehension of the materials. This is the Assessment of Guided Learning.
Module 3, 4, 5, 6 - Pick Your Module
You select the remaining four modules from a sizable list of options that include a wide range of learning activities, such as attending lectures and seminars, research and writing projects, vacation seminars, application in your ministry or workplace, and additional reading. These modules allow you to take advantage of the learning modules that fit your individual aptitudes and learning preferences.


The modular system of study is comparable to a traditional university course in the number of clock hours.Traditional University Course: Approximately 48 hours of classroom time (3 hours per week for 16 weeks) per semester, plus time spent outside class for reading, writing assignments, and general study and preparation, totaling about 150 hours of work for 3 SCH.

Flexible Modular System: For each module, students spend about 20-30 clock hours in work, so a course of 3 SCH requires about 150 hours of work.

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