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  • The Noah Flood Account


    The Noah Flood Account

    by John G Leslie

    Hundreds of works dealing with Noah’s flood have appeared over the last century. This present volume by Dr John Leslie, however, rises to the top. While the physical evidences presented in The Noah Flood Account as a True Narrative Representation appear in other resources, the outstanding and unique feature of Dr. Leslie’s book is the examination of the subject using the TNR (true narrative representation) theory of Dr. John Oller, revealing that the biblical flood story possesses all the characteristics of a TNR: determinancy, connectedness, and generalizability. Ollerian TNR linguistic theory is based on incontrovertible logic, and has the analytic capacity to assess the differences between TNRs, fictions, and lies. In his application of TNR theory, Dr. Leslie has powerfully argued that the Noah narrative arose from the physical reality of the event itself in remote antiquity. Linguistically, the Noah flood account is not fiction. This is a quantum leap for those continuing to explore the subject!

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