John W. Oller, Jr.

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  • Is the Bible a True Narrative Representation?


    Is the Bible a True Narrative Representation?

    by Steven Collins PhD and John W. Oller, Jr.

    The application of TNR-theory reveals that the biblical narratives meet the demands of TNR-theory. However, theories generally denying the historical accuracy and authenticity of biblical narratives are shown to be untenable on account of inherent inconsistencies, failure to comprehend relevant data, and because they fail the test of simplicity at every turn. The only theory that is consistent with all of the facts presented, and the simpler theory by a far cry, is that the Bible should be regarded as a TNR.

  • The Logic of True Narrative Representations


    The Logic of True Narrative Representations

    by John W. Oller, Jr. and Steven Collins PhD

    This paper proves that TNRs are the only representations that are (1) relatively determinate with respect to their embodied meanings, (2) well-connected to the matter-space-time continuum, and (3) fully generalizable to all possible contexts (real or imagined) with respect to their relatively well-determined content. It follows that if the Bible is a TNR, then the genuine facts of history cannot contradict it, nor it them. If TNR-theory is correct, it is possible, as a result, to set subjects such as hermeneutics and biblical archaeology on a strictly logical footing.

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