Which Site is Sodom? A Comparison of Bab edh-Dhra and Tall el-Hammam


by Steven Collins PhD

In this article, S. Collins responds to an article by C.E. Billington published in the Spring 2012 issue ofArtifax magazine titled “Tall el-Hammam is Not Sodom.” Billington rejects Collins’ identification of Tall el-Hammam as Sodom because the date of its destruction is too late (between 1750 and 1650 BCE) to conform to Billington’s early placement of Abr(ah)am, ca. 2166-1991 BCE. He also attempts to support a more southern location for Sodom via textual geography. Finally, Billington suggests that Tall el- Hammam is perhaps a ‘western’ Heshbon. Collins refutes these ideas as categorically untenable.


The Academic Journal of Trinity Southwest University

ISSN 1938-694X

Volume XII

Number 1

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