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  • The Harvest Handbook of Bible Lands


    The Harvest Handbook of Bible Lands

    By Steven Collins and Joe Holden

    New discoveries are constantly being made as archaeologists work to uncover the ancient history of the Bible lands to tell a more complete story of the people, customs, and events of that era. Archaeologist Steven Collins and Bible scholar Joseph M. Holden have spent decades making and researching those discoveries and now offer a wealth of information based on the latest findings.

    This exciting addition to The Harvest HandbookTM series provides a textual and visual bird’s-eye view of ancient Near Eastern biblical geography, culture, history, and chronology. If you’re looking for an accurate, readable, and user-friendly resource to further your study of God’s Word, The Harvest HandbookTMof Bible Lands provides a valuable backdrop for biblical narratives and literature.

    With the most up-to-date information from biblical and archaeological disciplines, you will find your knowledge greatly enriched through well-written narrative-style text, numerous maps, instructive photographs, illustrations, and charts. This must-have tool will become your favorite resource as you study Scripture.

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  • Crisis Crucible of Praise: Finding Grace in the Midst of Adversity


    Crisis Crucible of Praise: Finding Grace in the Midst of Adversity

    By Latayne C. Scott, PhD

    New release from TSU Press: Crisis Crucible of Praise: Finding Grace in the Midst of Adversity by award-winning author Latayne C Scott, PhD.

    Scott, whose life has been marked by multiplied and layered crises, says “It is within the hot blast of the crisis crucible that we learn the refreshment of  being in a right relationship with God and comprehend the depth of His grace, mercy and love for us.”

  • REVELATION: What Did John Really See? 3rd Edition


    REVELATION: What Did John Really See? 3rd Edition

    Phillip J. Silvia, PhD




    Whereas most books on Revelation are theological in nature, this book is distinctively different.  Get ready for a verse-by-verse—and sometimes phrase-by-phrase—walk through the apostle John’s Revelation of Jesus Christ that will challenge you to think about what John might have actually seen as the Revelation unfolded and how he interpreted what he saw so that he could explain it to his readers.

    This book is intended to be used as a study guide.  It asks a lot of thought-provoking questions and provides space in which to write your answers. Background information is provided where needed to help you understand the more subtle issues and difficult passages.  Extensive endnotes are provided to assist leaders in preparing for group studies.

    Use this book for your own personal study.  Use it as a leader’s guide for group study.  Just be ready to think and to think outside the box—as you are led through this fascinating last book of the Bible.

  • The Tall al-Hammam Excavations, Volume 1


    The Tall al-Hammam Excavations, Volume 1

    by Steven Collins, Carroll M. Kobs & Michael C. Luddeni

    The Tall al-Hamman Excavations, Volume 1 is the first in a series of reports on the Tall al-Hammam Excavation Project, directed by Steven Collins of Trinity Southwest University and assisted by Gary Byers and Carroll Kobs, assistant dig directors. Co-author Mike Luddeni has been dig photographer since the inception of the Project. Excavations began in Jordan in 2005 2006 and have continued annually, without break, up to the present. This volume presents an overview of the site, with a period-by-period overview of Tall al-Hammam and its relationship to other sites in the vicinity in the Jordan Valley. It also includes the pottery profiles and assemblages and artifacts discovered in the course of these seasons. Future volumes will include in-depth excavation reports for specific areas of the Tall.


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  • The Noah Flood Account


    The Noah Flood Account

    by John G Leslie

    Hundreds of works dealing with Noah’s flood have appeared over the last century. This present volume by Dr John Leslie, however, rises to the top. While the physical evidences presented in The Noah Flood Account as a True Narrative Representation appear in other resources, the outstanding and unique feature of Dr. Leslie’s book is the examination of the subject using the TNR (true narrative representation) theory of Dr. John Oller, revealing that the biblical flood story possesses all the characteristics of a TNR: determinancy, connectedness, and generalizability. Ollerian TNR linguistic theory is based on incontrovertible logic, and has the analytic capacity to assess the differences between TNRs, fictions, and lies. In his application of TNR theory, Dr. Leslie has powerfully argued that the Noah narrative arose from the physical reality of the event itself in remote antiquity. Linguistically, the Noah flood account is not fiction. This is a quantum leap for those continuing to explore the subject!


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